Mandarine nude : "Erotiques Passions"


Name: Erotiques Passions

Categories: Mandarine nude, 1979, France, French, Alain Deruelle, Jenny Feeling, Catherine Leno, Mandarine, Betty Myriam, Hubert Geral, Carmelo Petix, Jean-Louis Vattier

Actors: Hubert Geral,Carmelo Petix,Jean-Louis Vattier

Actress: Jenny Feeling,Catherine Leno,Mandarine,Betty Myriam

In the future, gender roles will be reversed, men will be whores and women will buy their services. Super Jeanne buys the services of a gigolo in the woods and she is so satisfied of his performance that she decides to offer him as a gift to her friend for her birthday. Super Jeanne’s husband is not happy to be treated as a “man as a sex object” and tired of washing up, his friend will find him another girl less dominating.

Duration: 71 min

Country: France

Director: Alain Deruelle

Language: French

Year: 1979

Mandarine nude : "Erotiques Passions"

Friday, September 8, 2017


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