French classic sex videos in "Si vous n'aimez pas ca n'en degoutez pas les autres"


Name: Si vous n'aimez pas ca n'en degoutez pas les autres

Actress: Pamela Stanford,Eva Khris,Marlene Myller,Corinne Lemoine

Actors: Richard Lemieuvre,Guy Royer,Cyril Val,Andre Dupon,Roger Trapp

Categories: French classic sex videos, 1978, France, French, Pamela Stanford, Eva Khris, Marlene Myller, Corinne Lemoine, Richard Lemieuvre, Guy Royer, Cyril Val, Andre Dupon, Roger Trapp

Country: France

Duration: 70 min

Language: French


Year: 1978

By the end of the 70'es, the boom era of French erotic-pornographic cinema was over, mainly because of the new tax law on those kind of films. However, it was the beginning of « pop » movies which also liked to display more than your average nudity. It was time for some underground artists to experiment on celluloid. For example WHAT A FLASH assembled as many famous people of the seventies available, in a giant before-the-end-of-the world orgy. In another direction, Raymond Lewyn, a famous cabaret/theater creator in France, did IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT,DON'T DISGUST THE OTHER (word to word translation). The film is showing the screening of a hard core porno in a small cinema where everybody comment and react to what they see on the screen. As it is pointed in the credits, « the dialogs have been fully improvised by the comedians». This is clearly a sort of cinematic happening and has to be classified has one of those UFO (unidentified Filmic Object). Although you need to be fluent in French to appreciate the vivacity of the dialog, this is a must see for the amateurs of unusual. The film inside the film is a satire of all the classic porn situation and figure a few Jess Franco regulars. Also the comedians playing the « punters » of the screening , are nowadays world famous in France and it is funny to see them making they first steps.

French classic sex videos in "Si vous n'aimez pas ca n'en degoutez pas les autres"

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


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