Vintage hairy teen lesbians in "Inner Pink 1"


Name: Inner Pink 1


Categories: Vintage hairy teen lesbians, 1988, United States, English, Val Rosen, Megan Leigh, Gail Forse, Tiffany Storm, Renee Morgan, Stephanie Rage, Hope, Jessica Longe, Lesbian, Latin

Actress: Megan Leigh,Gail Forse,Tiffany Storm,Renee Morgan,Stephanie Rage,Hope,Jessica Longe

The steam rises from their smooth bodies as each girl is caressed by the other. The journey begins in the mind and ends up in a bed of orgasmic movements. Stephanie Rage and Jessica Long explore the inner privates of the lust for pink, it's their favorite color!

Country: United States

Duration: 81 min

Director: Val Rosen

Year: 1988

Language: English

Vintage hairy teen lesbians in "Inner Pink 1"

Sunday, May 20, 2018


Vintage hairy teen lesbians1988United StatesEnglishVal RosenMegan LeighGail ForseTiffany StormRenee MorganStephanie RageHopeJessica LongeLesbianLatin

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