Anna Winn sex in "Massage En Sodomie Mineure"


Name: Massage En Sodomie Mineure

Country: France

Director: Jean Rollin

Language: French

Duration: 77 min

Year: 1979

It all started with two curious teen girls who caught a married couple fucking and sucking in their bedroom. After what they have seen, these young sluts couldn't think of anything else, and both had to fuck a young guy before having a huge orgy party in the married couple's apartment, as the mature joined the fun and the fuck fest that ensued in their living room. Lots of cum, anal and threesome sex make this a great vintage classic.

Actress: Marilyn Jess,Barbara Moose,Cathy Stewart,Diane Dubois,Jenny Feeling,Anna Winn

Actors: Richard Lemieuvre,Dominique Aveline,Cyril Val,Dominique Irissou,Didier Humbert

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Anna Winn sex in "Massage En Sodomie Mineure"

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


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