Ellen Earl actress - "Femmes Impudiques"


Name: Femmes Impudiques

Actress: Claudine Beccarie,Ellen Earl,Nicole Daudet,Helen Goyez,Monique Aznar

Actors: Jacques Insermini,Jacques Couderc,Alain Saury,Georges Guyret,Maurice Mirowski,Gyrard Legardeur,Jean-Michel Dhermay,Roland Faury

Categories: Ellen Earl actress, 1975, France, French, Claude Pierson, Claudine Beccarie, Ellen Earl, Nicole Daudet, Helen Goyez, Monique Aznar, Jacques Insermini, Jacques Couderc, Alain Saury, Georges Guyret, Maurice Mirowski, Gyrard Legardeur, Jean-Michel Dhermay, Roland Faury

Two women alone in the country, in an old house, where even a fridge is missing, in vacation for 2 months, their husbands plan to visit them 2 days a week. A young girl, the future ‘rosiиre” (the most virtuous girl in the village), is hired to help for the cleaning. They are afraid to be bored. Guess what: starting with some lesbian games whith each other they very fast will have a lot of fun when meeting the postman, the delivery guys, the grocer, a camper, a walker,…

Duration: 85 min

Country: France

Year: 1975

Language: French

Director: Claude Pierson

Ellen Earl actress - "Femmes Impudiques"

Monday, July 16, 2018


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