Dominique Saint Claire in Mature germany sex retro


Name: Gaily

Actress: Dominique Saint Claire,Marie-Christine Chireix,Michelle Villers

Categories: Mature germany sex retro, Dominique Saint Claire, 1984, France, German, Pierre B. Reinhard, Dominique Saint Claire, Marie-Christine Chireix, Michelle Villers, Jean-Pierre Armand, Christophe Clark, Jacky Arnal

Actors: Jean-Pierre Armand,Christophe Clark,Jacky Arnal

Dominique Saint. Claire appears to be married to Jacky Arnal. After making love she goes for a walk and meets Christophe in the woods repairing his bike. He gives her a lift on his handlebars back to a large house, where previously we had seen an unidentifed brunette, playing Aunt Annie, giving head to an unidentified young man in a laundry room, who plays Jacques. Dominique and Christophe have sex in the garage and then go inside, where a blonde is cavorting in front of Marie-Christine Chireix, Aunt Annie, Jean-Pierre Armand and an unidentified younger male. The assembled cast have sex in various rooms of the house in various combinations, though Marie-Christine joins in only near the end. Meanwhile Jacky Arnal is wondering where his wife is and goes to look for her. by this time she has left the orgy. He finds her walking home, drives her back, and they have sex again.

Director: Pierre B. Reinhard

Year: 1984

Language: German

Duration: 73 min

Country: France

Dominique Saint Claire in Mature germany sex retro

Monday, February 29, 2016


Mature germany sex retroDominique Saint Claire1984FranceGermanPierre B. ReinhardMarie-Christine ChireixMichelle VillersJean-Pierre ArmandChristophe ClarkJacky Arnal

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