Ginger Lee Hawkins in 70s sex films


Name: Hippy Hooker

Actors: Darren Rock

Categories: 70s sex films, Ginger Lee Hawkins, 1974, United States, English, Ginger Lee Hawkins, Darren Rock

Actress: Ginger Lee Hawkins

When a hippie meets a hippie and one of them is a Hippy Hooker and the other is a horny hippie guy, then there’s bound to be a groovin,’ grindin,’ sexadelic, freelove, humpin’ hippie happening, 1970 style. With love beads.

Language: English

Year: 1974


Duration: 46 min

Country: United States

Ginger Lee Hawkins in 70s sex films

Friday, January 11, 2019


70s sex filmsGinger Lee Hawkins1974United StatesEnglishDarren Rock

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