Samantha York naked - "Immaculate Erection"


Name: Immaculate Erection

Actors: Peter North,Marc Wallace,TT Boy

Categories: Samantha York naked, 1992, United States, English, F. Ross, Ona Z, Francesca Le, Samantha York, Meekah, Peter North, Marc Wallace, TT Boy, Facial, Anal, Latin, Asian

Actress: Ona Z,Francesca Le,Samantha York,Meekah

Husband Marc Wallace and wife Ona Zee have been having sex three times a week for six months in an effort to get her pregnant, but have had no success. So they seek out medical advice. Dr. Peter North gets us to the punchline - Marc and Ona know everything they know about sex from watching sex movies.

Country: United States

Director: F. Ross

Language: English

Duration: 132 min

Year: 1992

Samantha York naked - "Immaculate Erection"

Wednesday, March 13, 2019


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