Monique Perris nude in "The Abduction of Lorelei"


Name: The Abduction of Lorelei

Actress: Serena,Monique Perris

Actors: John Galt,Charles Neal,James Alexander

Categories: Monique Perris nude, 1978, United States, English, Richard Rank, Serena, Monique Perris, John Galt, Charles Neal, James Alexander, Facial, Anal

Duration: 67 min

Language: English

Director: Richard Rank

Year: 1978

Country: United States

THE ABDUCTION OF LORELEI is an insanely cheap XXX-roughie that does it's best to work in a bit of plot with the sex. It actually works for the most part, as there's even a twist ending that raises the film beyond being just another sleazy ra-pe-themed trash-fest (all of that is meant in the best possible way...).Lorelei is abducted (duh...) by two scrappy outlaw-types and is ra-ped and taked. Back at the "hideout", we meet the last member of the gang - a French (?) girl that's the group leader's girlfriend. The scheme is to extort $1 million from Lorelei's wealthy dad. All goes well until some inner turmoil amongst the abductors lead to some y results, and we find that the whole plan may not have been as it seemed from the start...

Monique Perris nude in "The Abduction of Lorelei"

Thursday, March 14, 2019


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